Do you want super high quality wired earbuds?This is it!

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Do you want super high quality wired earbuds?This is it!

It may seem like wired devices are fading fast as we move into the future, but there’s still merit and practicality in sticking with a good, old-school wired device.


So why go wired? Weight can be a heavy factor. Bluetooth and wireless buds mean that the battery and other electronics are in the buds themselves, which may only be minimal, but for long-term listening and small, sensitive ears, can definitely be noticeable (and painful). The battery being inside the buds will also eventually die over time, and some can’t be removed – forcing you to buy a whole new pair. Wired buds avoid all this completely, and a good set can last years or even decades when cared for properly.


A wireless connection can be spotty too. Some Bluetooth buds need to reconnect every time you use them, which creates an annoying lag when all you want is to get your music going. Not a problem with wired. Everything is instantly in your ears, with a reliable connection since you’re plugged in directly to the source.


And once your music is playing, sound quality is important. Bluetooth buds don’t sound bad, but for bringing out the full feel of the song, wireless transmission still can’t match wired in this respect. The technology just isn’t there yet. Until then, wired reigns supreme for any audiophile looking to discover the details in every song, hearing it the way the artist meant for it to be heard.

Finally, there’s a significantly less chance of losing them. Sure, wired buds can snag on a door handle and be ripped out of your ears, which is irritating, but they’re easy to put back in. When a wireless bud falls out during a jog through the park, it may disappear forever in a pile of leaves or down a sewer grate, and is much more expensive to replace.



What Are the Best Wired Earbuds?

The best wired earbuds will deliver reliable connectivity, consistent sound and comfortable all-day wear.


If you have sensitive ears, you may actually prefer the smooth, geometric design of these buds, since they tend to be more comfortable for long-term wear than other earbud-style headphones. While you may lose a bit of tight fit, in our experience they stand up just fine for running. The lightning connector also supports most of devices, so you won’t run into the issue of adapting the cable as you would with other wired buds.



Best choice: WiWU Wired Airbuds EB302



Based on the above reasons, WiWU latest wired Airbuds EB-302 will definitely make you very satisfied


No need for Bluetooth connection is its biggest feature


Otherwise, its sound quality is even better


The speakers maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio on the go. A built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music, and take calls all with a pinch of the cord.



At the same time, it also has super adaptability:

Lightning port compatible for all devices


EB302 uses the official chip, which is of higher quality than ordinary chips.

According to the ergonomic design, it is worn in the ear at 45°, and it will not feel painful for a long time.



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