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WiWU Metro Mate Waterproff Nylon Fanny Pack Slim Waist Chest Pack Adjustable Strap Pouch Bag

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Item model Metro mate fanny pack waist bag
Features:  Lightweight, water resistant, Durable, night reflect strap
Stocked color:  Black
Package:  Retail packing

1. Multi-functional bag could be a chest bag, a fanny pack, a waist bag, which suit for all situation

2.Made in premium Nylon with faux fur lining will protect your device wll

3. Back pocket can put cell phone and other accessories, ensure valuable goods safety

4. slim design, the fanny pack can store your important goods with big capacity, such as cash, passport, card, cellphone, pouch, etc.





 Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.04Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.08Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.07

Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.06Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.05

Metro Mate Waist Fanny Packbag11.03




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