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WiWU Tablet Mate Waterproof Nylon Storage Bag Double Layer Travel Organise Case for Laptop Accessories

Water resistant nylon with wrist handle
  • Tablet mate
  • WiWU
 Material:   water repellent nylon
Features:  wrist strap, big capacity, waterproof IPX 3 Nylon,
Stocked color:  Black
Package:  Retail packing

* Premium quality Nylon, waterproof IPX 3, good quality classic black color 

*Two layers for cell phone, tablet, electronic accessoires, Spacious enough to carry most of your essential electronics and laptops, such as cell phone, charging cable, mouse, pens, charger and tablets. Keep your item separated and in reach without searching all over the place

*fuax fur lining for tablet and cellphone, anti-scratch and good protection for your devices



Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.06Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.07Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.05Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.02

Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.08Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.09Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.10Tablet Mate Nylon Storage Bag10.11




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