About us

WiWU was found in 2011, it is a design-driven brand of travel essentials. Dedicated to the mission of "designed for mobile lifestyle", WiWU creates and supplies laptop bags, sleeves, protective shells, organize cases and mobile accessories. Our goal is to be a global leading brand of premium travel essentials.


WiWU originates from the letters of "Warm, inspire, Unique", which explains the unique character of the brand: "people-oriented, inspiration and be yourself".  WiWU's logo color is a combination of royal blue, white and red which means wisdom, simple and enthusiasm. "i" comes from inspiring, a sparkle of creation. The hexagonal shape of the logo from diamond. Means WiWU committed to quality first.


Design for the mobile lifestyle


To be a global leading brand of "Premium travel essentials & mobile accessories"

Initial register the brand in the USA, after more than 60 countries

Launch Slim design combo bag for MacBook

Launch Bumper Sleeve Case for MacBook

The 1st flagship shop opened in Seg Plaza Shenzhen

Launch a full line of USB-C HUB for MacBook

The 2nd flagship shop opened in New Asia Guangzhou

Launch Skin Pro Leather Sleeve for MacBook PRO

Original design Mate series organizes cases

Code of Conduct

Safety and Eco-friendly are our top priority, all WiWU's products are strictly tested for harmlessness and safety regulations compatible by credited labs during development and production. Also, we use high-quality material and parts to ensure quality durability.

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B2, 3rd Floor TianYi Building, No.17 JuQi Blvd, HuMen,Dongguan,GuangDong Prov.China