How to prevent COVID-19?

Due to the advent of new coronaviruses, people are frightening, and there is a risk that COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person. People must pay attention to protect themselves. The NCP can be infected by droplets within one meter. The initial symptoms are dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing, and weakness. If these symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital in time for the examination.

So, how to prevent new coronavirus? The following 6 methods help you stay away from viruses.

1. Stay away from the source of infection People don't go to dinners, parties, visit relatives, don't go to densely populated places, there's nothing important to do at home, don't go out. If you really want to go out, be sure to wear a mask. After returning home, you must wash your hands and wash your eyes. Do not rub your eyes outside to avoid virus intrusion.

2. Enhance immunity The strong immunity of the body can help to resist the invasion of viruses, everyone should pay attention to strengthen and improve their own immunity. Have enough rest, drink plenty of water, do some exercise indoors, and eat more foods high in protein and vitamins. 3. Don't eat wild animals The emergence of NCP has a close relationship with wild animals, so everyone should pay attention to avoid eat wild animals. In particular, some gamers must change their habit of eating game. 4. Do a good job of disinfection It is especially important to do a good job of sterilization. Tableware and chopsticks in the kitchen should be sterilized by boiling water every day. Those with a sterilization cabinet should sterilize it after each meal. The doors and tables at home should be wiped and disinfected with disinfectant, as well as the floor, toilets and walls should be disinfected once a day.

5. Remember to ventilation In this extraordinary period, indoor ventilation is more important. The indoor place must be ventilated daily. It is best to open the window when the sun is out so that ultraviolet rays can be used to kill indoor viruses. 6. Get medical attention in time If you have a fever, headache, dry cough, fatigue, and difficulty breathing, you should wear a mask in time to go to a fever clinic or a designated hospital.

In the face of viruses, we must actively obey the requirements of our superiors, stay at home honestly, and we must actively prevent the invasion of viruses, maintain a good attitude, do not create rumors, spread rumors, and believe rumors Timely pay attention to the authority issued by the official media information.

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