Pencil X

SKU: 6957815516643
  • Brand: WiWU
    Item: Palm Rejection Stylus
    Model: Pencil X
    Color: White
    Weight: 80g
    Tip: 1.9 ± 0.2mm
    Charge time: 30 min
    Working Time: 10hrs

    Product Description:
    1. Palm rejection. It allows you to stay away from the constraints of gloves and easily touch the screen with your palm. 
    2. Supporting 30 minutes of continuous work for only 1 minute per charge, supporting 10 hours of continuous work for only 30 minutes per charge.
    3. Super strong magnetic, adsorb on your devices, convenient for you to carry around and prevent loss.
    4. One-touch to connect devices, no need Bluetooth.
    5. Easy to change the tip by rotating it.

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