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02 February 2021
Grand Opening of WiWU Dubai Brand Flagship Stores!

Since opening its first retail store in 2011, WiWU's product line has expanded well beyond the bags and hub to include the audio, phone accessories, laptop & tablet accessories, etc. In Jan 2021, WiWU has opened the flagship stores in Dubai,which brings more convenience to the communities that need

iPhone 12 is not equipped with a charger!.jpg
29 January 2021
iPhone 12 is not equipped with a charger!WiWU launches 20W COMET Type C Power Charger for you!

Apple iPhone 12 series completely canceled the included charger, only equipped with a fast charging data cable.The new machine supports 20W PD fast charging,in order to get the best fast charging experience, users must purchase an additional 20W charger.For this reason, WiWU has launched a 20W charg

Nintendo Switch needs to be protected!.jpg
29 January 2021
Nintendo Switch needs to be protected!WiWU Defender NS Slim Case solve your problem for you!

As a Nintendo Switch player,the gaming case are indispensableWhy i say that?Because if you want to go out with Switch player, the game card needs to be stored and the Nintendo Switch machine needs to be protected, so the storage case is an essential tool.Today, I would like to recommend a practical

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